Conversion of IMR into Permanent Registration Number (UPRN)

29 Sep 2017

Steps for Doctors for the Conversion of IMR to UPRN
For conversion of IMR to UPRN every registered Doctors needs to follow the steps mentioned below: -

1. Register by Visiting and click on "Doctor login". Enter basic information like Name and Contact details including email address. A User id and Password will be sent on the email address.

2. Doctors need to use this user id & Password to login and enter all the requested details including Personal Details, Contact Details, Aadhar number, Professional details and upload the latest qualification documents.

3. Pay the fees to MCI Online/offline and select Date and time when the Doctor will visit the State Medical Council for verification of the documents.

4. Once the Documents are physically verified at State Medical Council (SMC) then, the respective SMC will process the record in the system. The system will perform the following tasks automatically

               a. Aadhar Details will be verified.
               b. UPRN number will be generated.
               c. IMR database will be updated with the new UPRN number and will update the latest details of the Doctor.
               d. Email notification will go to Doctor, MCl and SMC.

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