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The Gujarat Medical Council (GMC) is a Statutory body established under the provisions of the Gujarat Medical Council Act, 1967 (Gujarat ACT NO. 10 OF 1968). The GMC consists of the following members, (1) Six members elected by the Registered Practitioners, (2) Five members are nominated by the Government of Gujarat and (3) One member from each University established by law in the State which has a medical faculty. The President and the Vice-President of the GMC are elected by the Members of the Council from amongst themselves, as per the provisions of the Gujarat Medical Council Act, 1967. The Executive Committee consists of President as ex-officio member and Six other members of the Council who shall be elected, in the prescribed manner.

The Gujarat Medical Council has registered 50000 plus doctors as on 31-03-2013.


The Council consist of the following members namely:-

(a)   five members to be nominated by the State Government, out of whom not more than one may be a person who is not a practitioner :

(b)   one member from each university established by law in the State which has a medical faculty, elected by members of the medical faculty of the University from amongst members thereof who are practitioner : and

(c)   six members to be elected by registered practitioners from amongst themselves.


The functions of the Gujarat Medical Council include maintenance of Register, and to provide for the registration of Medical practitioners, containing the names, address of medical practitioner who possess any of the recognized medical qualifications. to reprimand a practitioner, or to suspend or remove him from the register, or to take such other disciplinary action against him as may, in the opinion of the Council, be necessary or expedient.