CME Guideline

  • CME Guideline
  • Preamble

    Medical Science is dynamic and it is essential for the doctor to become acquainted with the advances in medicine. This is in essence the concept of Continuing Medical Education (CME). Tremendous advances are taking place in the field of medical sciences, continuously changing the concept, approach to management and the outcome of several diseases. The rapid pace of these advances makes it mandatory for doctors to keep themselves updated so that they may apply this information to their practice & thus fortify his/her competence and knowledge by keeping abreast with the latest developments in the field.

    The changing demographic profile of our country is also accompanied by changing disease patterns, education profile and health awareness. This has resulted in substantial increase in expenditure on health by individuals and also by Government. While the doctors to population ratio has been steadily improving due to the exponential growth of Medical Institutions, the rapid pace of technological and scientific advances, and the looming threat of new disease clearly mandate a system of continuing medical education to keep the medical personnel current in terms of knowledge and skills, thereby enhancing Medial Education and health care system to a global model.

    Hence Continuing Medical Education is felt need to update the knowledge of all doctors. Imparting new knowledge and skills in medicine to the professional in a systematic manner is possible only through Continuing Medical Education Programme.

  • Duration Of Continuning Medical Education Programme

    Gujarat Medical Council will give Credit Points to the registered Medical Practitioners as per the guidelines which is in existence at specific time. Any changes will be intimated to the members in due time.

    A Physician should participate in professional meetings as part of Continuing Medical Education Programs and should earn 30 hours per year or 150 Credit Points for every 5 years.

  • Organisations / Academic Activites To Be Accredited For CME

    To regulate and standardize the CMEs and also to avoid exploitation by non-accredited agencies, it is decided that the CMEs organized/sponsored/funded by the following organizations/institutions are approved by the Gujarat Medical Council for CME accreditation.

    1. International Conference of Professional bodies.
    2. National Conference of Professional bodies.
    3. State Conference of Professional bodies.
    4. National, State, District & City level Scientific Programmes organized by Professional bodies.(For No. 1 to 4 Qualification being approved by Medical Council & mentioned in the MCI Schedule)
    5. National, State, District & City level Scientific programmes organized by Indian Medical Association & its Academic Wings.
    6. CME / Workshop / training propgramme conducted by all Government & Private Medical Colleges.
    7. All the Directors working under Department of Health & Medical Services, Govt. of Gujarat
    8. Central Government & State Governments Hospitals (including Districts Hospitals) and training centres in health field including Ministry of Health and FW, Defense, Railways.
    9. Multi specialty Hospitals with accreditation and presently conducting Dip NB course. A copy of the order approving Dip NB course should be produced along with the application for accreditation of CME.
    10. Government / U.G.C. recognized University.
    11. Any other approved organization/association at the discretion of the Gujarat Medical Council.
  • Guidelines For CME Accreditation


    1. The power to award Accreditation / Credit Points will be the sole discretion of the Gujarat Medical Council.
    2. The Credit Points will be awarded by Gujarat Medical Council depending upon the subject matter, status of the speaker, quality of the papers to be presented in the CME / Conference.
    3. Any Associations/Organization/Institute want to hold CME, should apply for accreditation to the Gujarat Medical Council. The council after verifying the credentials of the organization will give certificate of accreditation.
    4. The Association / Organization /All Govt. Medical Colleges/ Govt. Hospitals/ Organizing Secretary will apply to the Gujarat Medical Council on a stipulated Application Form. The application should be accompanied by the names & designation of the speakers along with their subject of speech, & the duration of the talk.
    5. The organization like IMA/ Professional bodies holding regular monthly meeting will issue a CME Credit certificate at the end of every year to its members specifically stating how many Credit Points were acquired by each members for that year. These certificates will be issued on the prescribed proforma approved by the Gujarat Medical Council.
    6. Accredited bodies like IMA / Professional bodies which hold regular CME's will have to inform the Gujarat Medical Council, the date of the CME, at least 15 days in advance, so that the Gujarat Medical Council can send the observer to the CME meeting.
    7. Ordinarily the duration of CME should be more than 2 hours.
    8. Minimum one credit hour will be granted to each CME of minimum two hours.
    9. Association / organization should strictly issue the certificate to the delegate who has attended the CME. The certificate should be distributed only on the last day.
    10. Associations / organizations will be duty bound to send the feedback of the delegates and the list of the delegates who have attended the CME / Conference. A separate list of the delegates belonging to state of Gujarat and delegates of the other states be submitted to the Gujarat Medical Council.
    11. In case it is found that the certificate is false, than the issuing Association / Organization will be debarred for future accreditation.
    12. Postgraduate diploma/certificate courses will be given Credit Points in case the diploma/certificate issuing institute has awarded the Credit Points and Credit Points have been mentioned in the certificate of such diploma/certificate.
    13. Gujarat Medical Council may depute one representative to attend the CME's as an observer and will be given certificate of attendance. The observer deputed by Gujarat Medical Council will be treated as "Invited Registered Guest Faculty".
    14. The list of the delegates who have attended the CME should be sent from the organizing secretary of the CME/Conference along a CD of the CME.
    15. After the programme, a short report of the programme, with the exact time schedule of speeches and a list of participants who have attended the same with the mention of their Gujarat Medical Council registration number and their signature should reach the Registrar, Gujarat Medical Council within ten days. A specimen copy of the certificate issued by the Organizers should also be enclosed. The Organizing Secretary will be responsible for the authenticity of the data which will be counter-checked at the time of renewal of registration.


    Credit Points to the CME/State/National/International Conference/Workshop organized will be credited on the basis of the quality of subject matter and the status of the speakers delivering the lecture during the CME.

    1. For each CME/State/National/International Conference/ Workshop will be awarded minimum Credit Points as per the schedule of the conference.
    Two hours CME : 1 Credit Points
    Half day CME : 2 Credit Points
    One day conference : 4 Credit Points
    Two day conference : 8 Credit Points
    Three day conference : 12 Credit Points

    (In any one Scientific Programme, maximum 12 Credit Points will be granted)

    Doctors claiming the Credit Points will be required to submit the Certificate of attendance.

    1. The doctors may attend the International C.M.E.'s/Conference held overseas as delegate. On the production of the certificates of attendance, CME Credit Points will be given on the same pattern as for National Conference.
    2. Doctors working as medical teachers can claim 4 C.M.E. Credit Points per year on production of certificate from their head of institution that they are taking under graduate/postgraduate classes and are engaged in post graduate research work in the institute.
    3. Director, joint director medical education & research/Director, joint director health services, E.S.I.S. and Deans of medical colleges will be awarded 4 Credit Points per year. They will have to produce certificate to Gujarat Medical Council regarding their job status.
    4. Doctors doing post-Graduate course e.g. Diploma MD, MS, DNB, MCh, D.M., Fellowships/Diploma & Degree Courses approved by State Government & State Council etc. from recognized /reputed institutions in India or abroad will get 4 Credit points per year for the duration & the courses e.g. one year (4 credit points) two year 4 Credit Points, Three year 4 Credit Points as so as.
    5. Any paper published in indexed state/national/international journal will entitle the author/co-author CME Credit Points.
    6. Any chapter published in a text book or update book published by professional bodies will entitle the author/co-authors for Credit Points.
    7. Speakers/Chairman/Co-chairman at any conference/CME/Workshop / training programme will be given one credit points per talk in addition to the Credit Points allotted for that particular academic activity.
    8. Subscription of the indexed national/international journal will entitle the doctors to five (5) CME Credit Points per year for each journal subject to a maximum of ten (10) points per year. Member of professional bodies who receive journal as a part of their membership should give proof of membership of the professional bodies.
    9. Paper presentation (Oral Poster) in International Conferences will be awarded 3 Credit Points, & in National Conferences will be awarded 2 Credit Points.
    10. Doctors working in Govt. Sector/Private Sector undergoing refresher courses from time to time can claim Credit Points on the recommendation of the head of institute ( in case of smaller units it will be immediate higher authorities )as per the norms mention in clause 1.
    11. Satellite Scientific Programmes will also be accredited on a similar guidelines.
    12. Credit Points given by IMAknowledge – an online scientific accredited site will be approved by Gujarat Medical Council.
    13. Guidelines for issuing Credit Points for Published Medical text book / Chapter in text book / Research Papers in International & National Index Medical Journals.
    Sr. No. Publication of Medical Text Book Credit Points
    01. Author/Editor of Published Medical Text Book 12 Points
    02. Author of Chapter published in Medical Text Book 3 Points


    Sr. No. Papers Published in International Index Journals Credit Points
    01. Original Article 4 Points
    02. Case Report 2 Points
    03. Letter to Editor 1 Points


    Sr. No. Papers Published in National Index Journals Credit Points
    01. Original Article 3 Points
    02. Case Report 1 Points
    03. Letter to Editor 1 Points


    Sr. No. Papers Published in State Index Journals Credit Points
    01. Original Article 2 Points
    02. Case Report 1 Points



    Sr.No Date Programm Name / Venue No. of Credit Points Signature of Organizing Secretary of CME
      First Year Renewal
    Local IMA / Professional Branch Rs. 2,000/- Rs. 1,000/-
    State IMA / Professional Branch Rs. 5,000/- Rs. 2,000/-
    Govt. Medical College Rs. 2,000/- Rs. 1,000/-
    Self Finance Medical College Rs. 5,000/- Rs. 2,000/-
    Multi specialty Hospital with accreditation Rs. 5,000/- Rs. 2,000/-
    Govt. Institutes & Depts. Rs. 2,000/- Rs. 1,000/-
    Central & State Govt. Hospitals Rs. 2,000/- Rs. 1,000/-


    1. Suggestions given by the committee formed by Gujarat Medical Council for organizations to be accredited for CME, Guidelines for CME Accreditation etc to be followed.
    2. Gujarat Medical Council will start implementation of Accreditation prograrmme in modern medicine in the State of Gujarat from 1st January 2012.
    3. Organizations / Institutions competent to conduct Continuing Medical Education Progamme have to apply with in stipulated time to the Gujarat Medical Council in the prescribed form with necessary fees as decided by the council from time to time.
      • For Local programmes-15 days
      • For State Programmes-01 months
      • For National / International Programes -03 months
    4. The organization like IMA / Professional bodies holding regular monthly meeting will issue a CME Credit Certificate at the end of every year to its members specifically stating how many Credit Points were acquired by each member for that particular year. These certificates will be issued on the prescribed proforma approved by the Gujarat Medical Council.
    5. The local Secretary has to maintain the passbook. This passbook shall be kept under Safe Custody. It is the responsibility of the doctor and organizing secretary of the CME to keep this passbook up-to-date.
    6. Passbook Format
    7. Fees
    8. Gujarat Medical Council has discriminatory power to wave off the prescribed processing charges for accreditation. Additional fees to be collected if Institution / Association organizes Internatinal, National or State Conference / Seminar / Workshop etc.
      State Conference Rs. 2,000/-
      National Conference Seminar / Workshop Rs. 5,000/-
      International ConferenceRs. 10,000/-
    9. Gujarat Medical Council will periodically review the norms and may updates them in the interest of patients and Doctors at large.
  • Continued Medical Education (CME) which will not be accredited.

    1. The CME organized by a drug/equipment company for promotion of the drug / equipment will not be considered.
    2. CME organized by the individual Nursing Homes/Hospitals/Persons for marketing purpose shall not be credited.
    3. CME organized for self promotion/advertisement will not be credited.
    4. CME/Conference organized by the G.M.C approved accredited Association/Professional body where the title of the programme is given on the name of the sponsors.
  • Exemption

    1. Medical Practitioners above the age of 65 years requires only 15 credit hours in a year.
    2. Medical Practitioners above the age of 70 will be exempted.
    3. Any Medical Practitioner who is unable to attend due to reasons of ill health should submit adequate documentation to avail exemption; State Medical Council's decision will be final.
  • Procedure for Handling Complains About Credit Hours

    1. Medical Practitioners should file their complaints about Credit hours to accreditation committee of the State Council.
    2. Necessary documentation should be supplied with complains.
    3. Accreditation committee of the Council should verify the accreditation and validity of CME.
    4. All complaints regarding CME credit points should be resolved within one month of filing complaint.